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Pristine Shatrunjay STORY

A collection of expansive 3 & 4 BHK apartments, Pristine Shatrunjay is inspired by the world famous Jain temple in Gujarat and offers you pure and serene living.

Pristine Shatrunjay_story


Lukar, Dawson, Esiel and Mufassa Slovakia

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At Pristine Properties we look into the finest details and offer you a host of world class specifications to ensure that you live a truly blissful life.


A sneak peek into your very own Pristine home.


Enter a virtual journey that lets you explore your very own home at Pristine.


An overview of the entire project and its details.



  • Mumbai-Pune Expressway – 3 km
  • Hinjewadi IT Park – 8 km
  • Talwade IT Park – 7 km
  • Akurdi Railway Station – 1 km
  • Aditya Birla Hospital – 3 km
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